(c)(l) – -37.8112619, 144.9528512

(c)(l) shares a beautiful mix titled 'Time <-> Rising' from across the pond. Dedicated to those in recovery, spiritual or physical.

Adrian Norén Almén – 56.6601205, 12.8494609

Cleaning some dust off here with a new mix from old friend Adrian Norén Almén who you can catch between Halmstad and Berlin.

Packed with a good mood, it’ll carry you through remaining winter blues here up North or will play great in ongoing summer parties down South. All around love.

(a)(z) – 51.5323761, -0.0587025

It has been a while… again! Dusty piano key sprinkled house mix brought by (a)(z). Old, some new, and all vinyl.

Moon B - Old iz New
Fred P - The Story of Humans
PG Sounds - Untitled B1
Benji Candelario - Central Park (Rum De Coco) (B.C.'s Park Ride)
Moore Classic Wall - Everything
Soulstation - You (Original Instrumental Mix)
Da Posse - Searchin' Hard (Krazee Mix)
Dreamer G - I Got That Feeling (Deep Dub)
Tikkle – The Sublime (Jazz Mix)
Mood II Swing Featuring John Ciafone - Ohh
Nature Boy - Euro Disney (Unreleased Mix)
BME Project - Falling in Love Again
Alexander O'Neal - Innocent

(k)(k) – 52.499067, 13.416141

(k)(k) bringing the tempo down a little in his second contribution to our very irregular mix roster. Lots of old and new favourites in this well managed spread of loose genre electronic music. Certified joy ride through the wax turns.

Larry Heard - Caribbean Coast
Mogwaa - Turquoise
Sideral - Mare Nostrum
Loose Ends - Hangin’ On A String
Jura Soundsystem - Karahi King (Dub)
Escape From New York - Won’t Be Your Fool (Original Mix)
Secondo - Slow Res Bass
Colored Music - Colored Music (Club Edit)
Soichi Terada - Sun Shower (Instrumental)
Shinichi Atobe - Yes
Theo Parrish - This Is For You
Bell Towers - Want You (Need You​)​ (Tornado Wallace Remix)
EMS Synthi 100 (Soulwax) - Movement 3
Kenny Larkin - Tedra
Pulusha - Isolation (Part Two)

(c)(l) – 51.5400355, -0.0559354

(c)(l) sharing his collection reflections. 5 hours in length, 5 years in collecting, multiple continents, musical genres and influences. Space and time no longer applies though as you press play. All aboard!

Sister – 54.6539502, 24.4504129

Embracing the slower pace here, thanks for hanging with us.

We’re joined by Sister contributing a perfect mood arrangement for the rising moon or the early morning freshness. Outside the city this time, taking somewhere between the musical genres. Excited to finally share it!

(k)(k) – 52.4976509, 13.419108

Incoming with quality mix from (k)(k), real name Kilian Kapfer, who's a good friend of ours and part of Loose Format crew. We’ve shared many great moments with him on and off the decks and were looking forward to finally be able to bring his mix to you.

The mix features tracks from artists such as Rich Howard, Swing City, Arthur Russel and comes in Kilian’s usual perfect blend of them all. It’s definitely one worth saving for that Friday or Saturday night with your friends around, a sure mood setter!

(j)(c) – 51.5062425, -0.0868927

This one’s for you if you enjoy getting yourself lost in dub and techno flavoured sonic array of atmospheric waves. All that leading up to an uplifting last 30 minutes for a bit of a wake-up call. A fine wine session with (j)(c), the longest one yet.

Catch (j)(c) and the rest of Loose Format crew playing August 17th at Behind this Wall, London Town. Bringing loose genre, considered dance mood. Should be a good one!

Still Tippin – 51.4773245, -0.0688597

Allow Still Tippin to take you on an abstract drum-filled ride with some nice and light ambient breaks in-between. Keep an eye for a few of her own tracks too.

young druid - hey
kelman duran - they are afraid of her
autechre - foldfree casual
larry b - hit it right
still tippin - search for the arctic alpine
young druid - blue
shamana - final fantasy crystal chronicles
skee mask - rev8617
OL - make things
jasmine infiniti - inside me
common - universal mind control instrumental
lukid - twisted blood
posh god - city quest
afrodeutsche - work it
geo rip - expo
rezzett - hala
still tippin - field recording
pariah - conifer

Cullen Skank – 51.5424168, -0.0277841

Going with the all-popular seasonal theme, we bring a great new soundtrack for the closing of summer and settling long nights - a mix recorded by a good friend of ours, Cullen Skank. A near hour long melding of styles and textures, it’s one with a story to get lost in.

foolscap – 51.4944967, -0.1006829

A rather gentle take. Album and B side favourites.

Fletcher Lawrence – 51.4740241, -0.0667381

Ex-lab head turned Londoner Fletcher Lawrence takes us through his leftfield house and disco set with a mellow psychedelic twist. Exactly the right chemistry for an early morning or late night ride.

foolscap – 51.494119, -0.1035158

While still waiting for actual spring to come to London we’re kicking-off this little series with a hill rise and descent from foolscap. Dubby new electronica, iconic female vocals, and some Detroit house for the high point. Enjoy.